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Decking the Halls: Burkhart Center Students to Sell Art at First Friday Art Trail

Heidi Toth

November 2, 2015

This is the third year the students will sell their Christmas cards, ornaments and jewelry at the monthly festival.

Burkhart First Friday Art Trail November 2015

Students from the Burkhart Center for Autism Education & Research at Texas Tech University will be at the First Friday Art Trail this week, selling Christmas cards, ornaments, jewelry and canvas art.

This is the third year students from the Burkhart Transition Academy will sell their works downtown. Artist Chris Ramos, who also is the social skills instructor for the Transition Academy, said providing resources for the students to create art, including the expertise of art teacher Maggie Vasquez, is a valuable part of their mission.

“All the students have great pride in their final art piece,” he said. “Personally, my art time and creativity is my sanctuary and escape. I hope our students will forever use art as a positive outlet for creativity.”

Burkhart Student Kassandra Striebeck, Heart Flag. Acrylic 8"x10"
Kassandra Striebeck

The students will be at the art trail selling their artwork, interacting with buyers and explaining their work. All the money raised will go back into the art program for future projects. Many people with ASD use art to express themselves, and it is a good way to expand the students' confidence and help advance their skills.

The students will be at McPherson Cellars, 1615 Texas Ave., where Ramos displays his work. The First Friday Art Trail begins at 6:30 p.m. Interested buyers can contact the Burkhart Center to peruse the art or special order a piece.

Burkhart Student Abram Vela, Airplane. Acrylic 8"x10"
Abram Vela

In 2014, Texas Tech University System Chancellor Robert Duncan and his wife, Terri, purchased a number of Burkhart artworks, all of which are displayed in their residence.

“We are absolutely delighted to have several pieces created by Burkhart Center student artists on display at the chancellor's residence,” Terri Duncan said. “We are both huge fans of the Burkhart Center and the incredible work going on there every day. We have several paintings as well as a beautiful photo frame that we're pleased to have as part of the art collection in our home. Their work is very meaningful to both of us.”