Students Hit the Kitchen in Restaurant Wars Competition

The competition, which is styled after “Top Chef,” will benefit the RHIM Faculty Scholarship Fund.

Two teams of students from the Department of Restaurant, Hotel and Institution Management (RHIM) are having a cross-town kitchen duel and inviting members of the Lubbock and Texas Tech University communities to pick the winner.

The inaugural Restaurant Wars on Nov. 12 will pit the winners of the Broadway and Gourmet on Avenue J cooking competition against RHIM students who are enrolled in the Dinner Series Capstone course. Each team will conceptualize a pop-up restaurant and plan and create a three-course menu.

One team will be at Skyviews Restaurant on the top floor of the Bank of America building at 19th Street and University Avenue, and the other will be at McPherson Cellars, 1615 Texas Ave. Skyviews is part of Texas Tech’s RHIM program.

“People should expect an elevated fine-dining experience at both restaurants,” said Amy Lott, a teaching assistant at Skyviews who is running the competition. “At both restaurants guests will be wined and dined with a three-course menu that embodies the restaurant’s concept and theme.”

After ticketholders eat, they will judge each restaurant on taste, presentation and creativity of the food and the service, ambiance and the overall execution of the concept.

The competition starts at 5:30 p.m. Tickets, which cost $50 each, went on sale Monday. Anyone interested in purchasing tickets can contact Lott at or (361) 676-2714. They also can purchase tickets at Skyviews or by calling (806) 742-4762 Ticket holders will be given an itinerary explaining which restaurant they will visit first and the location swap times.

All the proceeds from the event will go to the RHIM Faculty Scholarship Fund.

Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management

Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management (RHIM)

The Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management (RHIM) program is part of the College of Human Sciences at Texas Tech.

The program is designed for students to gain extensive management skills and work experience in the hospitality industry.

RHIM offers an undergraduate degree, a graduate degree with professional and research specialization options, and a doctoral degree program in hospitality administration.

Labs in hotel operations, food production and computers, among others, give students hands-on training that increases their marketability in the industry.

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