Texas Tech University

$307,000 Raised Halfway Through State Employee Charitable Campaign

K’Leigh Sims

October 14, 2015

Texas Tech University has reached 65 percent of its overall goal.

After a month of raising funds for several different agencies, Texas Tech University has reached 65 percent of its overall goal for the State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC) with $307,000 collected. The university is only half way through the campaign time frame and is projected to reach its goal of $472,000 by the end of October.

“As of today we have raised well over half of the goal for this year's campaign,” said Wes Condray, Texas Tech's SECC campaign coordinator. “We have been consistently ahead of last year's pledges, and I am blown away by the generosity of the Texas Tech community.

“It is great to see so many passionate people give back to our community. I have no doubt that together we will be able to meet our goal. I would like to encourage those who haven't pledged yet to think about doing so. All throughout this campaign, I have been reminding people that no gift is too small. If every state employee in the Greater West Texas region gave just $2 a month from their paycheck, we would raise more than $2 million for our community. It is amazing to think about the impact made through a $2 per month gift.”

In 2014, Texas Tech raised more than $469,000 and raised the highest per capita gift from higher education institutions with 2,000 or more employees. The SECC as a whole raised more than $9 million for more than 500 agencies.

Incentives are available for Texas Tech employees who participate, including an autographed Kliff Kingsbury football, an autographed Tubby Smith basketball, an autographed Candi Whitaker basketball and tickets to sporting and entertainment events on campus.

To participate in the SECC, Texas Tech employees can submit their pledge forms online and choose a donation amount, how many organizations they wish to support and make a one-time donation or enroll in payroll deduction. Paper pledge forms are available upon request.

The final amount of funds raised will be announced at a later date.

For more information about the SECC, visit Texas Tech's SECC website.