Texas Tech University

Mark Humphreys recognized for $1.5 million donation to Texas Tech College of Architecture

The Oregonian

October 14, 2015

The Oregonian - Texas Tech's College of Architecture celebrated Mark Humphreys with a prominent distinction on September 25-26th. Mr. Humphreys received an AIA -- American Institute of Architects -- Chair in Urban Design. Of the two Chair sponsors, Mark Humphreys is the only architect. His contribution is the largest amount donated to the architecture school consisting of $1.5 million of which includes partial state matches.

On November 5th he will be recognized with another distinction, the college's Architecture Kleinschmidt Award; both tributes are prestigious honors within the field of Architecture. The September 25th occasion featured esteemed speakers including Texas Tech President Duane Nellis, Dean Andrew Vernooy and Mark E. Humphreys, and the November 5th happening will be highlighted with an Alumni reception held in conjunction with the Texas Society of Architects.

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