College of Arts & Sciences Honors Newly Established Dean's Circle

Two recognition walls feature photographs of advisory council members.


The Texas Tech University College of Arts & Sciences unveiled its Dean’s Circle Recognition Walls in Holden Hall today (Sept. 25) honoring members of its newly established advisory council.

“I am extremely grateful to each of these alumni and friends of Texas Tech University’s College of Arts & Sciences who have responded to my request to join the Dean’s Circle and give their time to assisting me in furthering Arts & Sciences to be a college deserving of a nationally recognized research university,” said W. Brent Lindquist, dean of the college. “The mission of the Dean’s Circle is to create innovative opportunities through professional expertise and financial assistance to support the scholarly vision of the college.”

Dean’s Circle members are:

  • Isaac Albarado
  • Heather Anderson
  • Joe Barlow
  • Dick Brooks, president
  • Raif Calvert
  • Jerry Goolsby
  • Jack Helton
  • James Pipkin
  • Susan Pittman
  • Jesse Pruitt, vice president
  • Eduardo Rodriguez
  • Jay Vollet
  • Lucy Vollet
  • Kristie White
  • Matt Williams
  • Gerald Woolam
Dean's Circle

Dean's Circle

“I continue to be so impressed by the quality of our alumni base,” President M. Duane Nellis said. “These people who are part of this inaugural Dean’s Circle are truly a group of very distinguished alumni who have proven themselves as real leaders in the various ways in which they have had success in their careers, post-Texas Tech University, and we are so proud of them. Their achievements serve as an inspiration to all of us and particularly to our students.”

The two 38-feet high by 14-feet wide walls feature photographs of the Dean’s Circle members and are visible from the basement through the second floor of Holden Hall.

College of
Arts & Sciences

The Texas Tech University College of Arts & Sciences was founded in 1925 as one of the university’s four original colleges.

Comprised of 15 departments, the College offers a wide variety of courses and programs in the humanities, social and behavioral sciences, mathematics and natural sciences. Students can choose from 41 bachelor’s degree programs, 34 master’s degrees and 14 doctoral programs.

With just under 11,000 students enrolled, the College of Arts & Sciences is the largest college on the Texas Tech University campus.

In fall 2016, the college embarked upon its first capital campaign, Unmasking Innovation: The Campaign for Arts & Sciences. It focuses on five critical areas of need: attracting and retaining top faculty, enhancing infrastructure, recruiting high-potential students, undergraduate research and growing the Dean’s Fund for Excellence.


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