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Researcher Receives Grant to Study Role of Eggs in Weight Loss

Heidi Toth

July 23, 2015

Nik Dhurandhar will look at whether eating eggs for breakfast instead of a nutritionally similar meal will contribute to weight loss.


A Texas Tech University researcher is investigating the role eggs play in weight loss.

Dr. Nik Dhurandhar, chairman of the Department of Nutritional Sciences, received a grant from the American Egg Board to study whether eating eggs for breakfast while on a diet can contribute to greater weight loss. Previous studies suggest eggs can help reduce weight, possibly because of the higher quality protein found in eggs.

“Through a series of experiments, we were the first to observe that eggs have greater satiety value, which likely increases compliance to a weight loss regimen and enhance weight loss,” Dhurandhar said.

The study, which will include 20 participants – all healthy plus-sized women between the ages of 18 and 44 – will compare the effects of eating an egg breakfast of higher protein quality to the effects of eating a breakfast with similar calories and nutrients but lower protein quality. The participants will be following a reduced energy diet.

The study will begin in August.

About Dr. Dhurandhar


Dhurandhar, who is president of The Obesity Society and one of the pioneers of the infectobesity movement, came to Texas Tech in November. He has been studying viral obesity for years, which he started when he was a physician in India focusing on patients with obesity. His research related to this virus focuses on diabetes treatment and creating a vaccine for viral obesity. Dhurandhar holds a number of patents for his work on adenovirus 36. Read more about his research.

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