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Jolley: Five Minutes with Dr. Mindy Brashears and a happy life being lived well

Drovers CattleNetwork

July 23, 2015

Drovers CattleNetwork - One of the most important things a person in the cattle industry can do is sit down at the end of a long day and say to themselves, “Yeah, I made a difference, today.” What that difference is can be many things; a positive impact in your business or professional life? The warmth and comfort you can bring to your family? To meld two advertising phrases, making a difference is job #1, just do it!

One of those people is Dr. Mindy Brashears who spends some time teaching at Texas Tech, travels to Honduras in Central America to help that countries' cattlemen become more competitive, and raises three excellent daughters. Hers is a life lived well and I've always wanted to know more about what she does and why she does it. So, I posed a few questions to her just before she packed up the family and headed out for a well-deserved Disney vacation.

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