Texas Tech University

Wine Market Council Issues Their First $10,000 Wine Research Grant to Texas Tech University PhD Candidate Nicholas Johnston

Seattle PI

June 11, 2015

Seattle PI - Wine Market Council today announced that the non-profit has awarded its first-ever research grant to Texas Tech University doctoral student, Nicholas Johnston, who will receive $10,000 from the council to research how Millennials respond to traditional and less traditional wine packaging.

Johnston will present his findings at Wine Market Council's 2016 Consumer research conferences taking place March 2, 2016, in Napa and on March 7, 2016, in New York.

"Wine Market Council is dedicated to investigating timely issues in the wine industry and what better way to do that than to foster new wine-related research from the graduate students who are studying wine-related topics," said John Gillespie, President of Wine Market Council. "We were very impressed by Nicholas' research expertise, his strong interest in wine, as well as the commitment of his advisor, associate professor Natalia Velikova. We look forward to the fresh insights this project will bring to a topic of growing importance."

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