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Texas Tech Nationally Ranked for Social Media Presence

K’Leigh Sims

June 23, 2015

The university is ranked No. 24 for its performance on Facebook.

Social Media

In a recent ranking by Engagement Labs, Texas Tech University was ranked as one of the top 50 universities and colleges on Facebook and Twitter.

Ranked 24th, Texas Tech was honored for its performance on Facebook and was ranked higher than other prominent schools such as Vanderbilt University, Brown University, Yale University and Stanford University.

Allison Matherly, Texas Tech's coordinator of digital engagement who oversees the university's social media, said Texas Tech's social media presence is important for creating and maintaining relationships within the Red Raider community.

“Texas Tech's social media channels provide an important avenue for open dialogue with the Red Raider community and allows them to connect directly with the university,” she said. “Our Facebook page is a large part of our social media presence, and it helps us build relationships while listening and engaging with our audience.

Allison Matherly

“We're very excited to be recognized as one of the top university Facebook pages in the country.”

Last year, CollegeAtlas.org recognized Texas Tech as one of the Most Influential Colleges in Social Media. Texas Tech was ranked 29th overall, No. 10 for Most Influential College on Instagram, No. 12 for Most Influential College on Twitter and 17th for Most Influential College on Google+.

Taking advantage of Texas Tech's social media presence, a recruiting campaign with Snapchat was created as a part of the university's popular #IAmARedRaider campaign.

The recent Snapchat campaign invited admitted students to send a selfie via Snapchat to Texas Tech. Matherly would then add Red Raider graphics to the selfies, such as a Double T or Raider Red mustache, and return it to the student, again via Snapchat. More than 400 students responded to the campaign, which was a successful initiative, according to Matherly.

“If you look at how these students are using the platform, it's to post silly selfies with their friends or to share a cool experience they are having,” she said. “It was a great fit for us to make one-on-one connections with individuals, which is exactly what we wanted to accomplish.”

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