Texas Tech University

Researchers generate computer models for targeted drug therapy on DIPG cancer cells

Medical News

June 10, 2015

Medical News - The results of a recent study on targeted therapy of a specific type of brain cancer were published by Nature Medicine showing specific progress in cancer treatment.

Thanks to a team of scientists, including Texas Tech University associate professor Ranadip Pal in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering and electrical engineering doctoral student Noah Berlow, the tide may be turning.

Pal was one of four senior authors and Berlow was a contributing author on the study, funded partly by the National Science Foundation, investigating the effectiveness of targeted drug therapy on DIPG cancer cells. The results of the study were recently published by Nature Medicine in an article entitled "Functionally Defined Therapeutic Targets in Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma."

"We treated the tumor like an engineering system, like a computer," Pal said. "You can push different components inside a system and block different paths and see how a computer reacts. This study is similar to that where we can try different drugs to look at the output and how much sensitivity there is to that drug and generate a model for the tumor."

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