Can climate scientists make a difference by not flying?

Standard-Examiner - Globally, air travel accounts for 2.5 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. If air travel were a country, it would be roughly on par with Germany in emissions. And if air travel by climate scientists were a city, it would be a one-stoplight outpost. In other words, climate scientists curtailing their air travel would make a microscopic dent in reducing emissions, but a new paper argues they should do it anyway, because their influence goes far beyond numbers.

Katharine Hayhoe, a climate modeler at Texas Tech who is also heavily involved with climate change outreach and education, said when she does fly, she tries to minimize the carbon intensity by booking as many meetings as possible. Writing from a visit to Utah, she said she had 6-8 engagements every day over her four-day trip, resulting in an estimated 35 pounds of CO2 per event or about the equivalent of driving the 40 miles from Ogden, Utah to Salt Lake City.

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