Texas Tech University

All hail the pro-aging revolutionaries: the celebrities challenging anti-aging


April 17, 2015

The Telegraph - Today in the beauty world, the money talk is of a new emerging market: the over 50s. According to Escentual.com, women over 50 now spend a whopping £2,200 per year on average on cosmetics - making them the biggest spenders and responsible for 58.14 per cent of all sales.

You may question the revolutionary link between an ambassador happy to have her photo taken next to a neck-firming cream, but according to Julie Willet, associate professor in the department of history at Texas Tech University, between Mirren and Keaton for L'Oréal, Lange for Marc Jacobs Beauty plus Swinton and Rampling for Nars, these personalities are driving a cultural shift from their powerful brand platforms: "social changes along with cosmetic companies meeting the demands of the baby boomer consumer go hand in hand."

Willet adds, "it's more about how you imagine being a certain age than reality. It's never just driven by a market when there are people and decisions and cultural values - they all play give and take in consumer culture."

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