Behind the Masked Rider Uniform

Explore the costume that makes the Masked Rider one of Texas Tech's oldest traditions.


Mackenzie White

There is more than meets the eye to one of Texas Tech University's most famous and storied traditions - the Masked Rider. Every piece of the rider's costume holds value and is different than the next. Mackenzie White, a junior from Marble Falls, is the 53rd student to accept the mascot garb.

“My favorite part of the uniform is the mask because it gives the Masked Rider anonymity and mystery,” White said. “When I wear the mask, I am not Mackenzie White, but I am the Masked Rider, who is a symbol of Texas Tech spirit and tradition.”

  • Outfit: The black hat, shirt, jeans and black boots emblazoned with the Double T are all custom-made and donated by Dollar Western Wear. These pieces are kept by the rider after tenure.
  • Mask and cape: The mask and cape are hand-stitched at the Sewing Center in Lubbock and kept by the rider after tenure.
  • Belt and spur straps: This year, White's belt and spur straps were a gift from former rider Corey Waggoner. The belt and spur straps are usually kept by the rider after tenure.
  • Belt buckle and spurs: These traditional pieces of the costume stay within the program and are passed down from rider to rider. At the end of their term, each rider is presented with a different buckle as a going-away gift from the program.

White said the costume is an important part of the Masked Rider tradition and helps signify Texas Tech's values.

“When clothed in cape, mask and black, the Masked Rider is a fearsome, mysterious figure, which, in my opinion, is a huge part of the reason that the Masked Rider's run sends chills down fan's spines,” White said. “It's a thrilling sight, especially coupled with a black horse running at top speed.”



Masked Rider

Masked Rider Saddle

Since 1954, the Masked Rider has served as one of the most popular traditions at Texas Tech University.

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Donate to the Texas Tech Masked Rider Endowment Fund. This endowment fund is set up to help offset the many expenses incurred by the rider each year. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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