Rawls College of Business Alumnus Launches Innovative Resource Website

AbridgeME provides a summary of any current topic in an easily digestible form.

Written by Trevor Bell


Ever wondered about the history or background of a particular subject but didn’t have the time needed to fully study it? A Texas Tech University alumnus may have the answer.

Wall Street professional and 2006 Texas Tech graduate Eric Rems aims to address this lack of knowledge through his new, innovative content and reference site, AbridgeME, a crowd-sourced platform which aims to provide a fact-based summary of any current or past topic in 100 words or less.

“AbridgeME is a one-stop resource for anybody with an Internet connection to get up to speed quickly on a topic. They no longer need to search in-depth for information, such as reading biased news articles,” said Rems, who received bachelor’s degrees in finance and economics. “AbridgeME will help other people learn. I would love for people to understand a topic and voice their own opinion instead of someone simply reading someone else’s thoughts.”

AbridgeME allows users to simply search for a subject that they would like to quickly learn more about, including current topics ranging from Arab Spring to three-dimensional printing and more historical topics, such as The Boston Tea Party and World War II. The site, which will launch a free corresponding iOS app, also incorporates a random feed option for users to gain knowledge in which they might not have found by searching on their own.

Rems, who serves as chief executive officer, led the entire product development, from the initial idea to product launch, in less than five months. He credited the skills learned at Texas Tech and the Rawls College of Business as instrumental toward his development. As an undergraduate, Rems was actively involved with the Texas Tech Finance Association, Tech Marketing Association and Kappa Sigma Fraternity.


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“My time at Texas Tech and the Rawls College was beneficial because it helped foster the connections and abilities needed to develop AbridgeME,” he said. “My degree in finance gave me the broad sense of all business, including management, marketing and accounting. The Rawls set me up well by giving me a solid knowledge base. I think one of the biggest things in business is knowing how different departments function with one another. One class in particular, organizational management with Phillip Flamm, helped showcase how business processes interact.”

To help launch AbridgeME, Rems worked with a five-person international development team to build the technical aspects of site. Additionally, Rems assembled a writing team to provide content for the site, which currently has 500 articles. As the site grows, Rems hopes to use the crowd-sourced writing platform to supply more summaries and let the content grow organically; all of which will be reviewed by the site’s moderator.

“We’re getting industry experts and knowledgeable individuals to write the summaries to ensure accurate, unbiased information is presented to the public,” he said. “Also, by allowing the general public to provide summaries, we are not only helping them let their voice be heard, but we are also giving them a chance to strengthen their writing skills and build their portfolios.”

In addition to AbridgeME, Rems works for one of the leading finance technology/brokerage firms in New York, GFI Group, with a focus on the technological and operational changes resulting from Dodd-Frank, the largest overhaul in the derivatives markets history.

“Pursue your ideas,” Rems said. “Even if the idea fails, the fact that you went out and tried it, you’ve proved that you have the mindset to succeed. Also, use your network of friends, families, Texas Tech and Rawls graduates; people are willing to help. Put yourself out there, and choose what you want to do.

Rawls College of Business

The Rawls College of Business accounts for about 25 percent of Texas Tech graduates.

The college has a full-time teaching staff of roughly 100 in seven academic areas: accounting; energy, economics and law; finance; health organization management; information systems and quantitative sciences; management; and marketing.

The college offers an accredited weekend MBA for Working Professionals program.

Dedicated to connecting students, alumni and employers, the Career Management Center assists Rawls College students with their transition to the world-of-work, and supplies prospective employers with top-notch candidates, ready to make an immediate contribution.

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