2014 Integrated Scholar: Todd Anderson

Published environmental chemistry professor excels as a researcher and academic.

Todd Anderson

Environmental chemistry professor Todd Anderson holds a solid position among the ranks of Texas Tech’s Integrated Scholars.

He joined the university’s faculty in 1997, and since that time Anderson has established himself as an accomplished researcher and an engaging academician. His scholarship tracks the movement of chemical contaminants through the environment, an area of great interest and one with global implications. Anderson has been prolific as a researcher. Over the years he has amassed more than 170 journal publications, more than 8,500 total citations and numerous awards, including the TTU System Chancellor’s Distinguished Research Award in 2004. He has also been instrumental as a mentor, working with students from high school through the postdoctoral levels as well as with women scientists. Anderson has also earned acclaim in the classroom, receiving the TTU President’s Excellence in Teaching Award in 2003.

Beyond research and teaching, Anderson serves as interim director of The Institute of Environmental and Human Health (TIEHH) at Texas Tech, and he chairs the Department of Environmental Toxicology. His service has included duties as an associate editor for two journals, a faculty adviser for the TIEHH student organization, and a member of federal review panels.

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Integrated Scholars

Integrated Scholars are faculty who dedicate themselves to a course of lifelong learning and advance Texas Tech's role in educating, serving and inspiring others to do the same.

Integrated Scholars are not only outstanding in teaching, research and service, but they are also able to generate synergy among the three functions. Faculty members who are Integrated Scholars consistently promote active learning and infuse the results of their research and scholarship in courses and other learning experiences. Integrated Scholars publish results of their teaching innovations in peer-reviewed journals. Finally, Integrated Scholar faculty members plan and execute service commitments to complement their teaching and research goals.