Student Becomes Texas Tech President for a Day

The sophomore accounting major kept President Nellis' schedule - and met with Coach Kliff Kingsbury.

President for a Day

President Nellis and Loren Hall

Loren Hall, a sophomore accounting major, had the honor of serving as the president for a day Friday, April 11.

Her schedule included tasks from the president’s usual schedule, including meetings with the president’s office staff, direct reports to the president, and with officials from the Texas Tech University System.

“They’ve helped me honestly feel that I can be where they’re at someday,” Hall said. “I really like that because even though I'm president for a day, I'm still a Tech student. Sometimes we need those motivating words like ‘Hey, this is how I got here and you can do it too,’ especially from the females that are highly ranked.”

Hall got a special treat at the end of the day by getting to meet Texas Tech Head Football Coach Kliff Kingsbury.

Texas Tech President M. Duane Nellis gave Hall his presidential stamp of approval.

“Loren Hall is an outstanding student,” Nellis said. “She brought a lot of energy to being president for a day. [She’s] one of the bright students that makes me proud to be here at Texas Tech.”



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