Kent Hance’s Career Celebrated at Retirement Reception

Gov. Rick Perry and Texas Tech University System officials were in attendance at the United Spirit Arena.

Gov. Rick Perry and Texas Tech University System officials were present for Chancellor Kent Hance’s retirement reception Wednesday at the United Spirit Arena.

Scott Cooksey, interim vice chancellor for Institutional Advancement; Larry Anders, vice chairman for the Board of Regents; Perry and Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson each made remarks honoring the chancellor.

Students, faculty and staff joined members of the Board of Regents as well as Texas Tech University President M. Duane Nellis and his wife Ruthie in honoring Chancellor Hance.

Robertson proclaimed April 2 as “Kent Hance Day” for the city of Lubbock, noting Hance’s many accomplishments and contributions to the Lubbock community during his tenure.

“Our best days are in front of us,” Hance said. “This university is not dependent on anyone. It is an institution within itself and it’s moving forward by leaps and bounds. Thank you and God bless Texas Tech.”


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