Experts Available for Valentine’s Day Stories

From retail strategies - to dinner and a movie, Texas Tech has someone to speak to this holiday.



Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and whether it’s a story about how retailers target different genders or which movies are the best to watch with a loved one on Valentine’s Day, Texas Tech University has several experts who can speak to the holiday’s many storylines.


Narissra M. Punyanunt-Carter, associate professor of communications studies, (806) 742- 3273, or

  • How affectionate communication can lead to a healthy relationship
  • Why romance and affection are not just meant for Valentine’s Day

Patrick Hughes, associate professor of communication studies and associate vice provost, (806) 742-2984, or

  • Everyday, mundane acts of kindness toward a loved one matter more than a blitzkrieg of candy and cards on Valentine’s Day
  • Lots of conflict in a relationship doesn't mean the end – it’s how conflict is handled that matters

Dewey McMurrey, executive chef, Hospitality Services, (806) 834-4432, or

  • Valentine’s Day recipe: Easy but Upscale Dinner for Two (video)

Ignacio Luis Ramirez, assistant professor of sociology, (806) 742-2400, or

  • Lesser-known forms of intimate partner violence, such as psychological or mental abuse directed toward males
  • Dating violence and psychological aggression toward men and women

Shannon B. Rinaldo, assistant professor of marketing, (806) 834-1825 or

  • Valentine’s Day shopping trends
  • How retailers target different genders
  • Appropriate balance between price paid and length of the relationship
  • How single ladies are a unique market for profit

Elizabeth Sharp, associate professor of human development and family studies, (806) 742-3000,

  • Life experiences of women single after a certain age
  • Familial and social response attached to status of being single

Vickie Sutton, associate dean for Research and Faculty Development and Horn Professor, (806) 834-1752 or

  • Author, The Legal Kiss: The Rule of Law Meets the Kiss
  • Includes litigation on the “Life Magazine” kissing sailor, murder trials triggered by a kiss, kisses for votes, fidelity agreements not to “kiss and tell,” political kisses, and the banning of kissing reptiles and more

Rob Weiner, associate librarian and pop culture expert, Texas Tech University Library, (806) 742-2238 ext. 282 office, (806) 780-8775 mobile, or

  • Valentine’s Day movies
  • Best current and past movies to watch on Valentine’s Day