Texas Tech Remembers: John F. Kennedy

On the 50th anniversary of his assassination, we look back at that tragic day.

Professor: Oswald Lone Gunman, Despite Conspiracy Theorists

The whodunit lists read like alphabet soup: The CIA, the KGB, the FBI and LBJ. Don’t forget Fidel Castro and the Mafia. After 50 years, conspiracy theorists haven’t changed their most wanted lists.

However, investigations in the past 10 years point squarely to Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone gunman, said one Texas Tech University expert. Read More >>

-John W. Davis

Important JFK Documents Housed at Texas Tech

Many Americans will reflect upon the life, leadership and legacy of President John F. Kennedy on the anniversary of his death, but even 50 years later – the tragic event continues to be a subject for researchers.

At Texas Tech’s Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, materials from the Waggoner Carr and George Mahon Collections focus on Kennedy’s visit to Texas, his assassination and the aftermath. Read More>>

-Karin Slyker

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