Red Raiders Doing Their Part to Advance the Dream

Management professor Claudia Cogliser recently told her story during a live discussion on MSNBC.

Claudia Cogliser

Claudia Cogliser

Fifty years ago last week, Martin Luther King Jr. led the March on Washington, where he delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. On Sept. 6 a Texas Tech University management professor participated in a live broadcast chat with other educators who have used their influence to advance the dream.

Claudia Cogliser, an associate management professor in Texas Tech’s Rawls College of Business was included in a live discussion with MSNBC’s Craig Melvin, as he chatted with educators across the country who embrace the ideals of King’s dream in their daily lives.

During the half-hour segment, Cogliser explained how she engaged her entire Organizational Behavior MBA class in “Advancing the Dream.”

“We started by listening to the speech,” she said. “This really connects with my course content. As a female professor in a business school, I am here because of work that was started 50 years ago – what men and women have fought for in the past 50 years.”

Cogliser said she and her students are privileged to be a part of an MBA program and with that comes responsibility. She said it is a bit difficult in a business school, as some students are only focused on maximizing shareholder wealth; they have learned along the way, however, they can do well by doing good.

Jessica Badoe

Jessica Badoe

“The Rawls College is working on community engagement and also trying to reflect the diversity of the community,” Cogliser said. “Yet in our MBA community we tend to be somewhat homogeneous with regard to gender and race. We’re trying to change that. When I see a young woman post about a degree that’s rarely pursued by African Americans, that’s a starting point. Fifty years ago were starting points, and each day can be a start to making the world a better place, what can we do as ordinary people doing extraordinary things.”

The young woman Cogliser refers to is Jessica Badoe of Tulsa, Okla., a student in Texas Tech’s dual architecture/MBA program.

“I am glad that what I wrote had impact and hope that it may have the same effect on others,” Badoe said. “From what my advisors tell me, upon completion of the dual M.Arch/MBA, I will be the first African-American female to receive that degree from Texas Tech. I am glad to be doing something that will someday make a difference and truly appreciate Professor Cogliser’s recognition of that.”

“Advancing the Dream” is an initiative led by Rev. Al Sharpton to highlight efforts in communities across America to expand fairness, equality, and opportunity. MSNBC launched “Advancing The Dream” with Sharpton in July, and since then has received thousands of moving submissions from community members who are making a difference. Of those submissions, these educators are some of the stand-outs.

Rawls College of Business

The Rawls College of Business accounts for about 25 percent of Texas Tech graduates.

The college has a full-time teaching staff of roughly 100 in seven academic areas: accounting; energy, economics and law; finance; health organization management; information systems and quantitative sciences; management; and marketing.

The college offers an accredited weekend MBA for Working Professionals program.

Dedicated to connecting students, alumni and employers, the Career Management Center assists Rawls College students with their transition to the world-of-work, and supplies prospective employers with top-notch candidates, ready to make an immediate contribution.

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