Texas Tech Transfer Program Experiencing Success

Texas Tech University is allowing students initially denied admission a second opportunity to become a Red Raider by the way of hard work and commitment.

For the past two years, Texas Tech has provided an alternative admissions program, the Tech Transfer Acceleration Program (TTAP), designed to offer student academic support through a partnership with South Plains College (SPC).

Students who are denied admission to Texas Tech can apply to SPC and TTAP simultaneously, and once accepted by both, spend the fall semester taking SPC courses from SPC faculty on the Texas Tech campus.

The semester-long program is designed to teach all participants the ability to analyze and respond to the demands of college life. The students involved live on campus just like all freshmen do and have access to campus-wide activities, including sporting events and the student recreation center.

Michelle Kiser, director of Support Operations for Academic Retention, said the requirements of the program ensure students are adequately prepared to enter Texas Tech.

After students successfully have completed their semester with TTAP, they are automatically allowed to enroll to Texas Tech the following semester.

“Students in TTAP agree they will complete the program with a 2.5 GPA with a minimum of 12 credit hours,” Kiser said. “They are also required to attend study hall, meet bi-weekly with an advisor for intrusive advising, attend mandatory seminars and complete academic skills for time-planning, learning styles, reading skills and note-taking.”

Currently there are 91 prior TTAP students enrolled at Texas Tech. The program began with 41 students and now accepts an average of 120 students a year.

For more information and spring 2012 application forms please visit www.ttap.soar.ttu.edu.

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 CONTACT: Michelle Kiser, director, Support Operations for Academic Retention, Texas Tech University, (806) 742-3664 or michelle.kiser@ttu.edu.