Texas Tech Chemistry Department Celebrates Opening of Renovated Room

The computer system was funded by a $525,000 instrumentation grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Texas Tech University’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry celebrated the opening of a newly renovated room that houses a center for scientific computing with a ribbon-cutting ceremony Wednesday (Oct. 12).

The computer system, located inside room 10 of the Chemistry Building, was funded by a $525,000 instrumentation grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), while renovations to the room were funded by Texas Tech.

 “This speaks to the fact that when smart people get together, good things happen,” said Taylor Eighmy, vice president of research at Texas Tech. “The fact that we have our won super computer on this campus and in this department speaks a lot about the kinds of computations we can do.”

The facility houses a 1164-core Dell computer cluster and includes workspace for about 15 researchers, said Carol Korzeniewski, chairwoman of the department. The facility will support computational aspects of research in areas related to chemistry, biochemistry, materials science and chemical engineering.

Eighmy and Bill Marcy, interim chairman of computer science and director of the Murdough Center NIEE played an instrumental role in the renovation project. Professors Dominick Casadonte and Robert Shaw played key roles in the early planning and work on the renovation of the facility.

CONTACT:Carol Korzeniewski, chairwoman, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Texas Tech University, (806) 742-3067 and carol.korzieniewski@ttu.edu; Carly Jenkins, assistant to graduate advisor, (806) 742-3057 or carly.jenkins@ttu.edu