Texas Tech Law Presents Women in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps

WHAT: Lieutenant to General: Women in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, an event which will include a panel of Fort Bliss attorneys, presented by the Texas Tech University School of Law’s Military Association

WHEN: Noon, Wednesday (Sept. 14)

WHERE: Texas Tech School of Law - Lanier Auditorium, 1802 Hartford Avenue

EVENT: Fort Bliss attorneys Major Sherilyn Bunn, Major Temidayo Anderson, Captain Jennifer McKeel and First Lieutenant Amber Wagner will discuss topics based on their current area of operations.

These areas include criminal justice, life as a Brigade Judge Advocate, operational law and legal assistance. Among others, additional topics include family life, commissioning process and race in the military. Brig. Gen. (Retired) Malinda Dunn, the first female General Officer in the JAG Corps, will also join the panel.

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CONTACT: James Garrett, president, Tech Law Military Association, james.garrett@ttu.edu.