Professor Writes Most Downloaded Article

Greta Gorsuch's article focuses on repeated reading for second-language learners.

Gorsuch visited Vinh City in North Vietnam on a grant provided by the Fulbright Scholar Program to conduct her research.

Gorsuch visited Vinh City in North Vietnam on a grant provided by the Fulbright Scholar Program to conduct her research.

The Language Teaching Research Journal announced a Texas Tech professor had the most downloaded article in 2009-2010.

The article by Greta Gorsuch, an assistant professor in classical and modern languages, concerns second-language learners and repeated reading as a learning tool.

“Getting enough second language input is a huge issue in most foreign language programs,” Gorsuch said. “Audio assisted repeated reading can help that. I suppose that is why it’s been downloaded so much.”

In 2005, Gorsuch traveled to Vinh City in North Vietnam for five months on a Fulbright Visiting Lecturer Grant to do her research. She and her co-author found that reading short text repeatedly, hearing it, and reading it again helps second-language learners master the language better.

She said repeated reading is an important tool in learning settings where the second language is not often heard or used, such as English in Japan or German in the United States.

Etsuo Taguchi, a professor at Daito Bunka University in Tokyo co-authored the article with Gorsuch.

“Etsuo got me interested in repeated reading as a theory-driven and yet practical means of increasing reading fluency and reading comprehension for second language learners,” she said.

Gorsuch and Taguchi still do repeated reading research together and separately.


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