Texas Tech Hygiene Technology to Clean Up at National Convention

Emerging technology forum offers matchmaking prospects for new technologies.

A Texas Tech University research team will present a new hand-washing technology to venture capitalists and license partners at the 2011 WBTshowcase, to be held March 21-23 in Arlington. The annual event provides commercial market exposure for more than 100 different technologies from across the nation.

The technology is an innovative system that monitors hand-washing compliance using radio-frequency identification technology designed for use in hospitals and. The research team is a cross-university effort between Ron Banister and Shammila Dissanke, doctors from the School of Medicine at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and Donald Lie, an electrical engineer at Texas Tech University.

“The conventional wisdom for venture capital is that an economic recovery is a great time to invest,” said Paul Huleatt, WBTshowcase CEO. “The pace of new innovations accelerates, the best deals rise quickly to the top and sophisticated investors receive great value for their money.”

Huleatt said one in three WBTshowcase presenters go on to secure venture funding, license their technology or sell their intellectual property outright. He also added that researchers who present their technologies at the WBTshowcase leave with new contacts and information that help take their technologies to the market.

“This is an excellent opportunity to highlight some of Texas Tech’s most promising technologies,” said David McClure, associate managing director of the Texas Tech University System Office of Technology Commercialization. “Some of the nation’s largest companies and investment firms attend this event each year in search of new investment ideas. We want to help them understand the market potential of our technologies and work with them to develop commercial market applications.”

Attending conferences such as the WBTshowcase allows the Office of Technology Commercialization the opportunity to meet hundreds of potential investors/licensees under one venue and to form important relationships. A good contact at a specific company is often the first step in creating a meaningful relationship for future commercialization of university technologies.

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The Texas Tech University System Office of Technology Commercialization works with university researchers to bring their discoveries and inventions to the marketplace. The office works to protect the intellectual property developed through university research and bring it to the public through licensing agreements and the creation of start-up companies. For more information about the office, visit www.texastech.edu/otc.

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The WBTshowcase is the nation’s premier event showcasing the largest collection of undiscovered technologies emanating from the world’s leading universities, labs and research institutions. For more information about the event, visit www.wbtshowcase.com.

CONTACT: David McClure, associate managing director, Office of Technology Commercialization, Texas Tech University System, (806) 742-5589, david.mcclure@ttu.edu