Undergraduates Present Research Findings at State Capitol

Two students shared their research with the public and the legislature.

Written by Audrey Rickel

Zev Friedman and Jess Less at the State Capitol.

Zev Friedman and Jess Lees at the State Capitol.

Texas Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol gave two undergraduate researchers from Texas Tech an opportunity to present their research findings to the public and legislature.

Undergraduate researchers Jess Lees, a senior microbiology major, and Zev Friedman, a math and computer science dual major, were chosen to attend the event.

Undergraduate researchers underwent an application process to attend the research day that included both quality of research and desire to represent Texas Tech during the event. The research had to be broken down into simple terms in order to present it in a way the general public could understand.

"To quote Albert Einstein," Lees said, "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it enough."

Lees' research consists of studying metastasis of cancer cells, the spread of cells from the original tumor to a distant location in the body.

Lees said it has been the many mentors he has worked with at Texas Tech that have really helped him with his research.

"They have been a great support system for me."


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