10 From 2010: Stories You Shouldn't Have Missed

As we look forward to a new year, join us in reflecting on just a few of our amazing accomplishments.

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Texas Tech Ranks Among Top Schools for Skilled and Educated Graduates

Texas Tech ranked 18 out of the top 25 schools that produce the best graduates in a survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal.

From the state of Texas, Texas Tech along with Texas A&M University were the only two schools to be ranked in the top 25. Texas Tech placed in ahead of schools such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Virginia and University of Notre Dame. Read more.


Researcher: Bee Colony Collapse Associated with Viral, Fungal Infection

The sudden death of bee colonies since late 2006 across North America has stumped scientists. But today, researchers may have a greater understanding of the mysterious colony collapse disorder, said a Texas Tech biologist.

Shan Bilimoria, a professor and molecular virologist, said the bees may be taking a one-two punch from both an insect virus and a fungus, which may be causing bees to die off by the billions. Read more.

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Texas Tech Attributes Successful Year of Research to Faculty

Texas Tech experienced one of its most successful research years in fiscal year 2010 and is crediting that success to the efforts of university faculty, according to Taylor Eighmy, vice president for research.

“We had a successful year for research and scholarship opportunities across all disciplines,” Eighmy said. “We have a talented and dedicated faculty, many of whom are the nation’s top experts in their areas of study. They embraced our goals of enhancing our research and creating and seizing opportunities to conduct research. Our success is a credit to their hard work.” Read more.

Ron Kendall

Researcher to Senate: More Science Needed to Understand Oil Dispersants

The unprecedented use of dispersants on the oil spill has created a massive ecotoxicological experiment of which the full impact is yet to be determined, a Texas Tech University researcher testified in August.

Speaking to the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, Ron Kendall, director of The Institute of Environmental and Human Health (TIEHH) at Texas Tech, called for more independent, peer-reviewed research before any determinations could be made on the oil spill’s long term ecological effects. Read more.


Economic Study Shows Texas Tech has $1 Billion Impact on Lubbock

Texas Tech helped sustain nearly 15,000 jobs and contributed $1.26 billion to the economic pulse of Lubbock County, according to the Economic Impact of Texas Tech University study.

“As the area’s largest employer, Texas Tech is proud to support nearly 15,000 jobs for the citizens of Lubbock County and contribute to the vitality of the city and surrounding areas,” said President Guy Bailey. “While we are fortunate to have the opportunity to support the local economy, we are equally fortunate that the community also invests in the university. We are proud of the partnership we have with Lubbock County and West Texas.” Read more.

Sankar Chaterjee

Paleontologist to Discuss Discovery of 'Missing Link' Sauropod Dinosaur

Its life ended in a flash – probably a flash flood, actually. And once its body came to rest covered in silt and sediment in the swollen floodplain, the “missing link” sauropod lay forgotten in the darkness of hardened rock for 200 million years.

In October, a Texas Tech University researcher will discuss the discovery in China of the first complete skeleton of an early sauropod, Yizhousaurus sunae, considered the prototype for what would become some of the largest animals ever to walk the earth. Read more.


The Great Tornado Chase

While others seek shelter from the storm, Texas Tech researchers go face to face with Mother Nature. These brave scientists are trying to solve the mystery of tornado genesis, and after six weeks of intense storm chasing and data collection, they just might have some of the answers.

Researchers are now beginning to dig through the data gathered during the recent Verification of the Origins of Rotation in Tornadoes Experiment 2 (VORTEX2), an $11.9 million project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Read more.

Double T

Texas Tech Named to National Honor Roll

For the third consecutive year, Texas Tech University was named to the 2009 President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll.

The university was one of 30 institutions of higher education in Texas selected for the honor roll by the Corporation for National and Community Service. Read more.

Big Dig

Texas Tech Researcher: New Pseudoscorpion Discovered in Yosemite National Park

It waits blindly in the darkness of granite caves in Yosemite National Park, moving little to conserve energy.

Its venom-filled claw at the ready, it waits for prey to amble by it. Giving a quick tap to a possible meal, this newly discovered, blind pseudoscorpion will grab the prey and wait for the poison to take hold. Then, it will eat. Read more.

Hamid Khalaf Ahmed

Researchers Teach Iraqi Government Delegation How to Fund Science, Technology Research

Researchers at Texas Tech hosted a delegation of six Iraqi government officials intent on learning how to fund scientific and technological research and develop science policy in their country as they begin rebuilding its academic infrastructure.

“The premise of our visit is to get some advice, some help, from old friends to fund a national science foundation for Iraq, foundation that could actually draft policies for scientific research in our country limited to strategic needs of a country in formation, so to speak” said Hamid Khalaf Ahmed, advisor to Iraq’s prime minister on education and higher education.” Read more.

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The most popular stories from 2010.

Texas Tech Ranks in Top Tier of America’s Best Colleges
In addition, the university also is listed in the A+ Schools for B Students category.

Masked Rider Named One of AP's Top College Mascots
The mascot ranks ninth in The Associated Press poll.

Texas Tech Makes Progress on Tier One Status
The university is on a quest to become one of the nation’s truly great public research institutions.

Texas Tech Sets Consecutive Enrollment Record
Texas Tech surpassed previous enrollment records for the second straight year.

Tradition Continues: Raider Red Revealed and New Masked Rider Takes the Reins
The former Raider Red and Masked Rider passed on their duties to the new mascots during the annual ceremonies.

Forbes Names Texas Tech Best Buy
The financial news and analysis magazine’s second annual list ranked schools that provided the best quality of education for tuition dollars spent.

Building a Renaissance in West Texas
From its buildings topped with red tile roofs, to the ornately decorated structures, Texas Tech is known as one of the prettiest university campuses thanks to the vision of the master builders.

College of Engineering Rises in US News & World Report Rankings
The college's overall graduate program and two individual degree programs have joined the elite ranks of top engineering programs.

A Circle of Many Memories
An area of remembrance, Memorial Circle has been a part of campus since the beginning, but its role has expanded to include memorials for many people.

Runway Red Raider
Journalism major Alexandra Underwood competes to become America’s next top model.