EPA approves Fibertect product

A Texas Tech researcher receives approval from the Environmental Protection Agency for his West Texas cotton creation which could help clean up oil in the gulf.

Fox 34's Lindsey Ashcraft on this invention aimed at oil spill intervention.

Texas Tech researcher Seshadri Ramkumar has developed a slick solution for cleaning up the largest environmental disaster in U.S. history. 

Ramkumar said, "This is what every researcher would like to do, not just simply sit in the ivory tower and publish papers, but we would like to see the technology, put it to real use for a very timely situation and application."

The last time we visited with Dr. Ram, he demonstrated how his non-woven cotton-carbon creation, called Fibertect, can absorb 15 grams of refined motor oil per one gram of material.  Through further experimentation, he's discovered this decontamination wipe can also effectively soak up the bubbling crude that continues to gush into the gulf.

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