“What I am passionate about here is providing the level of client service I can be proud of. I am making difference in clients’ lives and learning from the best,” said Luman, who went through many job interviews to find the right fit after graduating from Texas Tech University. Vice President Darby Armont, a nine-year em- ployee, works closely with the Lubbock university’s interns. She helps locate and mentor its financial plan- ning students, and when a job opening arises, hires them . Armont sees Slaughter’s core values — integ- rity, trust and expertise — in practice with these up- and-coming financial advisors. Texas Tech gives students practical knowledge about financial planning, Armont said, but the thing she likes best about the graduates “is they are truly passionate about helping people. It’s not just about selling financial products, but rather possessing a true commitment to helping people at every level.”

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