Ten Professors Awarded for Going Above and Beyond

Student Housing group recognizes excellence in 10 Texas Tech professors.

University Student Housing hosted its Professing Excellence award ceremony today (April 6) in the Student Union Matador Room. The award recognizes 10 instructors who have demonstrated exceptional educational skills and go above and beyond, both inside and outside the classroom, to impact their students’ learning and academic success.   Professors were nominated by students who thought that their professor exemplified the title. The 28 nominations were judged on outstanding teaching, surpassing teaching expectations, impacting student learning and academic success, and overall nomination quality. From the 28 recommendations, 10 winners were selected by a student committee. The award-winning professors include:
  • Michael Dini, associate professor, biological sciences
  • Robert Peaslee, assistant professor, electronic media & communications
  • Tamara Hanna, instructor, chemistry & biochemistry
  • Jo Anne Temple, instructor, mathematics and statistics
  • Lewis Held, associate professor, biological sciences
  • Stacy Jacob, assistant professor, higher education program
  • Erin McCrory, teaching assistant, psychology         
  • Richard Wannemacher, instructor, Rawls College of Business Finance Department
  • Robert Wernsman, instructor, journalism
  • Heath Wing, teaching assistant, classical and modern languages and literatures
Additionally, awards were presented to individuals who participated in this year’s Last Lecture series, programs where faculty and academic staff give a memorable lecture to students, faculty and staff members inside the residence halls. Last Lecture participants included:
  • Bill Dean, associate professor, mass communications
  • Chistopher Smith, associate professor, music
  • Michael Mayer, assistant professor, chemistry        
  • Brian Rex, associate professor and associate dean for academics, architecture     
  • Richard Verrone, instructor, history
CONTACT: Tim Bonson, graduate assistant, University Student Housing, Texas Tech University (806) 742- 4436 or e-mail tim.bonson@tt.edu.