Workshop to help open door to learning ancient Sanskrit language

The students enrolled in the Lubbock Sanskrit class aren't trying to resurrect a dead language. In fact, many of them would argue that the ancient language is very much alive.

Words used by everyday English speakers - "cashmere," "orange," "smart," "mouse" and "sugar" - originate from Sanskrit, the advertisement for the class acknowledges.

"People don't realize it, but we cannot imagine a life without Sanskrit," said Gopal Coimbatore, an adjunct faculty member in environmental toxicology at Texas Tech and member of the Lubbock Satsang Mandal, a Hindu group and one of the sponsors of the class. Samskrita Bharati, a national nonprofit working to resurrect Sanskrit, is joining Lubbock Yoga and the Tech South Asian Student Association in sponsoring a workshop April 24-25 at Lubbock Yoga.

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