Texas Tech’s IDEAL Program Opens Registration for Science: It’s a Girl Thing

Written by Megan Robare

Registration is underway for the academic enrichment program Science: It’s A Girl Thing. The Texas Tech University residential summer camp is scheduled for June 21-24 for girls entering fifth and sixth grades and July 19-22 for girls entering grades eight to 11.

The program addresses the shortage and need for women scientists and introduces under-served girls to a university experience. The girls live on campus for four days and receive a first-class introduction to science and careers in science. The faculty is comprised of public school educators, Texas Tech faculty and representatives from NASA.

The Institute for the Development and Enrichment of Advanced Learners (IDEAL), is a nonprofit organization and department in the Texas Tech Office of Institutional Diversity and Community Engagement. Formed in 1984, IDEAL has introduced thousands of students from kindergarten to 11th grade to the university through a variety of on-campus academic enrichment programs.

For a program brochure or more information, contact IDEAL at (806) 742-2420.

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CONTACT: Michelle Hamman, assistant director, Office of Institutional Diversity and Community Engagement, Texas Tech University, (806) 742-2420, or michelle.hamman@ttu.edu.