Polgar: Founder of Lubbock Chess Club answers some questions about group

This week we have a special interview conducted by Chase Watters, member of the Texas Tech Knight Raiders nationally ranked chess team, and former president of the Texas Tech Knight Raiders Chess Club. His guest is Sam Houchin, founder of the new Lubbock Chess Club.

1.  How did you revive the Lubbock Chess Club into existence?

I was invited to a game night at a friend’s house. We played several group-oriented games and as the evening began to wind down my friend, and host for the night, Chris expressed an interest in playing chess. He brought out the board and the rest just followed suit. Soon, several of us were playing weekly and we started searching for a local club to join.

We were surprised to find that the previous Lubbock Chess Club had disbanded several years ago. In our online search we found a newsletter generated by the TTU Knight Raiders that led us to a “chess game night” at Barnes & Noble on a Friday night. There, we met several members of the Knight Raiders and the idea of reviving the Lubbock Chess Club was born.

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