Home for Spring Break or Bust!

Texas Tech's Parent and Family Relations is organizing roundtrip transport from Lubbock to many Texas locations for spring break.

Written by Megan Robare


This is the second time buses have been available to take students home for a holiday break, the first was for the 2009 Thanksgiving break.

Texas Tech will offer buses to transport students who plan to travel home during spring break.

Texas Tech’s Parent and Family Relations in conjunction with the Texas Tech Parents Association have organized six charter buses have been organized to transport students to and from Lubbock during spring break with destinations of Dallas and Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio.

Ken Gassiot, associate director in Parent and Family Relations, said trips such as this were first started for the 2009 Thanksgiving break. Due to the positive response, he said organizers began preparing for a similar trip during spring break right away.

“The Texas Tech Parents Association is committed to helping students and their families connect in meaningful ways,” Gassiot said. “This trip helps students get home for spring break in a low cost and safe traveling environment.”

Buses will depart Lubbock March 13 and return March 21. Designated stops include Arlington, Houston, San Antonio and Austin. Seats cost $100 roundtrip. Parent chaperones will be riding to and from Lubbock to assist students and seating is based on first-come, first-served basis.

For more information and registration, visit the Parent and Family Relations Spring Break Bus Trip Web site.

Parent and Family Relations works closely with the Texas Tech Parents Association to create an environment for parents and families that encourages involvement, interaction and support for Texas Tech.

The Office of Parent and Family Relations

The Office of Parent and Family Relations

The Office of Parent and Family Relations aims to provide parents and families of Texas Tech students with information and resources that will help parents stay informed about what is happening on campus and to connect with other parents and families.


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