Wesley So might get scholarship at texas tech!

I'll quote Mrs. Leny So kibitz at Wesley page at CG. Thanks a lot for all the ideas and inputs for Wesley. Aside from chess, I am praying that he will finish his high school this year, pass the SAT exam so he can be accepted for a scholarship in Texas Tech. I admired Carlsen Magnus too. Hope Wesley can be like him in the future. Susan Polgar: Texas Tech scholarship would include tuition and housing expenses. Students will also be given the opportunity to make additional spending money by spending a few hours a week teaching chess at many local schools. All our titled players are given the opportunity to compete in many strong tournaments throughout the year. In fact, we do pay for the expenses for the players to compete in some (not all) of these events. I also work with them personally. My job is to dissect the players' game, then help them maximize their areas of strength, as well as improving areas of weaknesses. If a player needs to represent their countries in various competition (national championships, Olympiad, world cup, etc.), they are free to do that. All they need is to make arrangements with their professors to make up the work / tests. There have been many good examples of strong players doing both (Onischuk, Shulman, Dr. Kosashvili, Dr. Sherzer, and me, etc.) I do not advocate strong players to give up chess for college. It is possible for serious players / students to do both. Best wishes, Susan Polgar

I personally would support everything that could improve Wesley personal and professional life.Well wait for more info about these.

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The chess games of Wesley So

Prior to Mrs So kibitz, members of So page are actively discussing the possible move of Wesley with regard to his education, his goin into college.Here's WGM/Polgar comment on the topic especially about the Texas Tech scholarship.

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