Texas Wine Month drawing to a close

Another component of what makes the Texas Wine Industry great is the educational aspects. Grayson Community College in Denison hosts an Associates’ Degrees in winemaking. In addition, they host a monthly extension outreach program at various locations throughout the state at various wineries and host centers. Texas Tech University in Lubbock now has a Bachelor’s Degree in Oenology

Written by: Jessica Behnham

October has been designated “Texas Wine Month” by the Texas Department of Agriculture.

The Texas Wine Industry has catapulted from the eighth largest wine-producing state in 2000 to the No. 4 position, according to USDA’s preliminary reports in 2009.

Our wine industry is worth over $1.35 billion dollars and continues to grow. Our populous state has such a thirst for Texas wines that very little of Texas’ wines ever make it beyond our border. Such a pity for the rest of the country because Texas wines are gaining a national/international reputation for excellence.

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