Texas Tech Associate Professor and Alumnus Win Best Paper Award

A Texas Tech University associate professor of business and a recently graduated doctoral student received an award for their paper looking at family business research.

Keith Brigham, an associate professor of management, and Andy Yu, who received his doctorate in Aug. 2009 from Texas Tech, and two other authors, G.T. Lumpkin and Ritch L. Sorenson, wrote “A Numerical Taxonomy of Family Business Outcomes: Ten Years of DV’s in Family Business Research.”

The award was presented at the 2009 Academy of Management (AOM) annual meeting by the Entrepreneurship Division and included a cash award.

The annual meeting was held in Chicago in August with more than 10,000 AOM members in attendance. The academy is a leading professional association for scholars dedicated to creating and spreading knowledge about management and organizations.

Brigham’s research interests include entrepreneurship, cognition and decision making, family business, technology transfer and managing growth. His research articles have been published in journals such as the Journal of Business Venturing, Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice and The Leadership Quarterly.

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