Teachers Go Back to School for Engineering

Not enough Texas high school students are choosing to study engineering in college. That could mean big problems for our state down the road. Engineering is big business and big business means jobs. Without enough qualified engineers that work could be lost to other states or even countries.

To combat the problem teachers are going back to school. They're learning to get their kids excited about engineering. Texas Tech is one of the schools they're turning to.

"It's a way of thinking, and working so to know apply chemistry, biology, and physics in a way that's relevant," said Susan Talkmitt.

She's a science teacher for science teachers. She works at the T-STEM Center. That's short for Texas Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Center. It's at Texas Tech. The T-STEM Centers part of a Texas initiative to motivate and prepare students for careers in science and engineering. They do it by teaching teachers how to teach.

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