Texas Tech’s Associate Vice Provost Earns Spot on National CLEP Committee

Gary S. Elbow joins a development committee for a CLEP exam.

Gary S. Elbow, associate vice provost for academic affairs at Texas Tech University, has been named to a test development committee for the College Board’s College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) exam in social sciences and history.

Committee members are responsible for guiding the content and policies for the exam. The appointment is for one year, renewable for up to four years.

“The majority of people who take the social sciences and history CLEP exam are in the military and plan to complete a bachelor’s degree,” Elbow said. “This test is not currently accepted at Texas Tech. Since the university is interested in recruiting students who have served in the military or are serving, it would be useful to add these tests to our list. Perhaps with my familiarity with the test we can accomplish this. Personally, I am excited to be able to help the College Board in its effort to provide a means whereby students are able to acquire college credit for knowledge they have obtained through non-traditional sources.”

Those selected for CLEP committees are chosen because of their commitment to the best practices of teaching, assessment, and pedagogy at the introductory level within their discipline. Also, they must teach the comparable course at their institution.

The work of the CLEP Social Sciences and History Test Development Committee includes creating and editing test questions; assembling exam forms; analyzing and reviewing statistical data and test-taker performance on the exam; guiding program policies and outreach; and reviewing information from faculty surveys and other academic sources to ensure both the rigor of CLEP standards and the relevance of exam content to the academic discipline.