Recycling on Texas Tech campus successful, profitable

Last fall, thousands of students moved into campus housing and produced almost 50 tons of trash in a single weekend. This fall, University Student Housing partnered with two local companies to make use of the waste produced by students living on campus. “About 12 tons of cardboard was hauled off,” said University Student Housing unit manager, Melanie Tatum concerning the waste recycled during move-in weekend.
The cardboard was removed from campus by Green Queens and taken to Hurley Packaging, where it will be made into egg crates. “We’re giving them the tools to do what they already know,” Tatum said about campus residents recycling. Green Queens co-owner, Kevin Castagna, said he believes Tech is a large contributor to waste within Lubbock, a city that houses two landfills, including the largest landfill in the state of Texas, the West Texas Region Disposable Facility. “With a campus their size,” he said, “they would have a substantial amount of waste.”
By allowing a service such as Green Queens to recycle some waste, he said the university is cutting back tremendously on the amount of trash leaving the campus and going into landfills. According to the Green Queens Web site, the average Lubbock citizen throws away five pounds of trash every day, and the city has 50 garbage trucks, each going to the landfill with a load of trash two or three times daily.

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