Texas Tech University to Host National Hispanic Institute Southwest Great Debate

More than 175 high school freshmen will work to improve their written and verbal communication skills.

Texas Tech University’s Center for Undergraduate Research and the National Hispanic Institute will host the NHI Southwest Great Debate July 9-12. More than 175 high school freshmen from the region will visit Texas Tech to test and improve their written and verbal communication skills through organized discussions and debates.  Participation in the Great Debate will provide students with a platform to strengthen their communication skills and familiarize them with the challenges that face a growing U.S. Latino community. “The ability to communicate effectively is crucial to the success of youths in high school and college,” said Ernesto Nieto, president of NHI. “We wanted to introduce civic engagement and leadership service as part of their development and preparation for a U.S. Latino community that is now projected to become 100 million by 2050. What better way to broaden and strengthen the supply of skilled and educated leaders that this community will demand in the not too distant future than by influencing the development of high-potential youths who aspire to attend top colleges and universities in the nation?” Additional summer host sites for NHI include the University of Texas-Austin, Augustana College, Adams State College, University of Villanova and DePauw University. For more information about the Great Debate, please visit www.nhi-net.org online applications are available. Find Texas Tech news, experts and story ideas at www.media.ttu.edu. CONTACT: Jeannie Diaz: director, Center for Undergraduate Research, (806) 742-1095 or jeannie.diaz@ttu.edu