Scorching summers a definite possibility

Imagine summers with 21 days of 100-plus temperatures. And 60 days of ''cooler'' temperatures in the 90s.

Experts predict this could become Northeast Ohio's reality by the end of the century.

''The future changes documented in this report are sobering,'' said Katharine Hayhoe, a climate scientist at Texas Tech University and co-author of a report released Tuesday by the Massachusetts-based Union of Concerned Scientists.

In addition to these hot temperatures, there would likely be at least one heat wave in Northeast Ohio every year like one that killed nearly 700 in Chicago in 1995 under a high-emissions scenario outlined in the report, she said.

At present, Cleveland annually gets 10 90-degree days and one 100-degree day, she said in a teleconference call outlining the report, Confronting Climate Change in Ohio, one of four state reports released by the group.

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