Some at Texas Tech Protest Gonzales Hiring

In response to a petition objecting to his hiring at Texas Tech University, former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said while the petition's creator is "entitled to his opinion" he "respectfully" disagrees with it.

The petition opposing Texas Tech Chancellor Kent Hance's acquisition of Gonzales as a teacher, recruiter and guest speaker was signed by 70 Tech professors as of Monday, said petition creator Walter Schaller, a Tech philosophy professor.

Gonzales will teach a political science class of 15 students entitled "Contemporary Issues in the Executive Branch" and help recruit and retain minority students beginning Aug. 1, Hance announced in early July.

The nine-page petition, complete with citations and an appendix, calls attention to Tech's statement of ethical principles and the motto "Do the Right Thing." According to the petition, the hiring of a "good friend" of Hance's "cannot be seen as a commitment to ethical conduct."

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