Consider This... Gonzales Perspective Good for TTU Students

Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has been hired to teach political science at Texas Tech. That decision has had a polarizing reaction. Opponents to the hire are saying he is a bad representative for Tech because of his "questionable and controversial record" as a Bush cabinet member, while the other side says Tech is fortunate to have someone with his experience on staff.

Consider this; not withstanding his political or legal issues, and speaking from my personal experience at Texas Tech, I think having a conservative voice on any university campus might offer some balance. And why wouldn't students want and even need the perspective of someone who was in the trenches in the days following 9/11? Just take another look at photos from that terrible day and then tell me that what our president and his cabinet did to protect us after this isn't worth hearing about in a classroom - from a man who was there. Now that's a class I'd like to sit in on.

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