American Humane® Certified Farm Animal Program To Develop Humane Livestock Transport Standards

The nation‘s leading animal-welfare monitoring and humane-labeling program for food products - American Humane® Certified -- will convene a panel of experts in animal handling, animal science, veterinary medicine and transportation-equipment manufacturing to develop improved welfare standards for design, technology and monitoring of livestock transportation. American livestock transportation equipment that meets the standards will be recognized with the American Humane Gold Award.

American Humane Certified will begin monitoring the research and testing of a new humanely designed trailer, recently introduced at the World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa. Advanced Livestock Transport (ALT), a new USA livestock trailer company, has imported its first trailer into the United States from trailer manufacturer Castañe of Spain, for introduction to the American pork industry, as well as other species that are transported by truck. ALT is the first transport company to sell equipment in North America that complies with European Union (EU) regulations on animal welfare.

The research on the ALT trailer will be conducted by Texas Tech University, under the direction of Professor John McGlone.

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