New Summer Bus Schedules

Student Government Association releases new Citibus schedule for Summer I session.


Texas Tech wants to welcome incoming and returning students to campus this summer and also let you know about changes to several Citibus campus route schedules during the summer months.

New Citibus Schedules for Summer I

North Indiana Route - (Raiders Pass, University Courtyard, Indiana Village, ICC, BA, SUB, West Hall, C1 Parking Lot)

Northwest Route - (Lynnwood, gateway, BA, SUB, West Hall)

Overton Route - (SUB, 15th & Ave. W., 15th & Ave. S., Trails, Pointe, Holden Hall)

Students with Texas Tech picture I.D. can ride any Citibus fixed route or campus express route for free. The bus schedule will change for Summer II session. Visit for more information.