Texas Tech University Library Selects Storage Site for Overstock

Texas Tech Libraries has selected a remote storage location to house overstock materials.


In an effort to create more room for the growing student population and to relieve stacks space that is already at capacity, the Texas Tech University Library has found a remote storage building to house duplicated and superseded materials.


Don Dyal, dean of Texas Tech Libraries, said that after a lengthy search the Libraries found a suitable space for remote storage.


“Running out of room is actually a good problem to have,” Dyal said, “because it means that resources have grown to the extent that we have outgrown the building sooner than anyone planned.”


Beginning May 11, after finals, the library will relocate little-used or unused stacks materials to this remote storage area.


The following are the three types of materials scheduled for relocation: 


1)      Serial/journal titles that already have a digital counterpart and are already available electronically.


2)      Some superseded materials – the latest editions will remain at the library while the superseded editions will be relocated to remote storage.


3)      The main University Library will serve as remote storage for the Architecture Library inasmuch as the University Library serves landscape, interior design, art and architecture.


Since the remote storage location is only 15 minutes away from campus, the library has established a procedure to retrieve materials from remote storage within 24 hours should anyone request them.


CONTACT: Kaley Daniel, director of Communications and Marketing, Texas Tech University Libraries, (806)742.4880 or kaley.daniel@ttu.edu.