Texas Tech Researchers Author Textbook on Biological and Chemical Terrorism Countermeasures


DATE: July 17, 2008

CONTACT: John Davis, john.w.davis@ttu.edu

(806) 742-2136

Researchers at Texas Tech University and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center have assembled a textbook that describes the progress and lessons learned from more than five years of biological and chemical threats research.

The book, “Advances in Biological and Chemical Terrorism Countermeasures,” was edited by Ronald J. Kendall, Steven M. Presley, Galen P. Austin and Philip N. Smith with the Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt Jr. National Program for Countermeasures to Biological and Chemical Threats at The Institute of Environmental and Human Health.

“This science-based work is an excellent tool to assist military and homeland security personnel and first responders to improve their ability to develop and implement countermeasures to potential biological and chemical threat agents that continue to emerge,” said Kendall, who is director for the institute. “We believe this book will be of great value to the professionals who are working in these areas to make our nation safer.”

The book provides an overview of recognized threats and their toxic effects and examines how these threats are dispersed through the environment. Also, it describes development of sensors for detecting threats and environmental protection, personal protection and the relationship between risk and vulnerability to establish the measure of threat.

Taylor & Francis/CRC Press published the book. Funding support for the book came from the U.S. Army Research Development and Engineering Command.

For a copy of the book, please contact Carolyn Spence at (561) 998-2515 or e-mail carolyn.spence@taylorandfrancis.com.

CONTACT: Ronald Kendall, director, The Institute of Environmental and Human Health, Texas

Tech University, (806) 885-4567, ron.kendall@tiehh.ttu.edu.