Texas Tech Law Grads Top Texas Public Schools on February 2008 Bar Examination

More students pass first-time test than any other public university.

The Texas Tech University School of Law once again led all Texas public law schools with a first-time pass rate of 92.86 percent on the February Bar Examination.

The overall pass rate for graduates of the nine Texas law schools taking the bar for the first time was 85.01 percent.

Walter Huffman, dean of Texas Tech’s law school, said he was delighted and impressed with the performance of the Texas Tech law graduates on the February Bar.

"This 92.86 percent pass rate exceeds even our historically high average," Huffman said. "I am very proud of both the graduates and the talented faculty that prepared them for this difficult examination."

Baylor University led all Texas law schools with a 95.8 percent pass rate. Texas Tech was second overall, with 26 of 28 first-time takers passing, comprising the 92.86 percent passing rate. Southern Methodist University was third; South Texas College of Law, fourth; and St. Mary’s University, fifth. Of other public universities, the University of Texas, in sixth place overall, had an 80 percent passing rate, followed by the University of Houston, eighth place, with 78.9 percent of first-timers passing the test.

Historically Texas Tech law students have done well on the bar exam. In February 2000, Texas Tech law students achieved a 100 percent passing rate for first-time exam takers. In February 2005 Texas Tech topped all Texas law schools, with a 90.63 pass rate, and in July 2005 was again the top public law school, with a 91.01 passing rate.

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