Health Sciences Center Receives $1 Million Grant For Nurse Education, Practice Programs

DATE: July 14, 2006
CONTACT: Julie Toland,
(806) 743-2143

LUBBOCK – The Health Resources and Services Administration has announced that the School of Nursing at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center will receive a grant of $1,046,098 for chronic disease management programs at the Larry Combest Community Health and Wellness Center.

The center is located in a medically underserved area of East Lubbock. The grant will continue funding the program for three more years; the initial five-year funding ended June 30.

“We are thrilled to be able to enhance the programs of the Combest Wellness Center that reach this underserved population,” said Alexia Green, Ph.D., dean of the School of Nursing. In addition to primary care services provided by nurse practitioners, the center’s programs include Senior House Calls for the homebound elderly and a Diabetes Education Center.

Christina Esperat, Ph.D., director of the project, said the funding will enhance research opportunities, as well. “We will be working on formally evaluating the outcomes of our chronic disease management programs, focusing on the established parameters for tracking our performance,” Esperat said.

“Our main objectives are to improve primary care services and chronic disease management programs for obesity, hypertension, diabetes and asthma,” Esperat said. “This will not only result in better care for patients, it will mean more cost-effective care in the long run.”